Friends of TASO: About

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Friends of TASO Mission & Vision

What is social support?

The term social support describes a set of services that helps mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on clients. Services include child support (counseling, school fees), sustainable livelihoods (vocational training, apprenticeships) nutritional support (fortified food supplements), among other services.

Why OVCs?

Few orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) receive any international support and the need for support is growing. OVCs face a number of challenges, including finding money for school fees, food and clothing, and access to basic health care. Their desperation makes them more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, ultimately making them more susceptible to contracting HIV.

The vision of Friends of TASO is to restore hope and improve the quality of life of HIV/AIDS-affected individuals, families, and communities in Uganda through services provided by The AIDS Support Organization (TASO).

Friends of TASO's mission is to support TASO in expanding its provision of social support services to TASO clients and their families through resource development, capacity building, and strategic outreach.

One of Friends of TASO's major priorities is to raise funds to support the education and general well-being of TASO's HIV-affected orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs).