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About The AIDS Support Organization (TASO)

Video courtesy of Momenta Workshops: Project Uganda

The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) is a Ugandan organization that provides comprehensive medical and psychosocial care to people living with HIV and AIDS. TASO provides people living on the edge of survival with life saving treatment and support, including antiretroviral therapy (ART), treatment for opportunistic infections, counseling, food aid to the most vulnerable, and social support to orphans and vulnerable children.

Founded in 1987, before ART was widely available in Africa and around the world, TASO began by bringing together people faced with the psychosocial challenges of the disease. TASO served as a crucial support to individuals and their families facing the burden of a terminal illness. Today, the organization is one of the largest providers of HIV/AIDS services in the country and promotes a comprehensive model of care that treats not only clients’ medical needs, but continues to recognize and address the tremendous psychosocial challenges faced by people living with HIV/AIDS.

To learn more about TASO services, visit the TASO website