Friends of TASO: Our Inspiration

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Primary School Youth

Apprenticeship Youth

Friends of TASO helps fund two of TASO's social support programs.

Primary School Program

Friends of TASO provides young children assistance with school fees, books, and other supplies. Although primary education is free in Uganda, many schools require students to provide two uniforms that are clean and untattered, as well as school books and supplies. If students cannot come to school prepared with these materials, they are turned away. For some children, the only schools available charge school fees, which are a significant cost to any family, and made more difficult because of the impact of HIV/AIDS on the family.

Apprenticeship Program

Friends of TASO provides teenage youth the opportunity to learn a trade of their choice in a five-month apprenticeship program. Upon successful completion of the program, Friends of TASO covers the start-up costs of each teen's new business so that they can begin earning an income. Earning an income is critical to their livelihood and that of their family; all of these youth have had parents suffer or die from HIV/AIDS, and because they are the eldest children in their families, their young siblings depend on them for financial support to meet their basic needs.