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Name changed to protect confidentiality

After losing both of her parents and two sisters to AIDS, Cathy was taken in by an elderly couple caring for more than a dozen other children. When we first met her in rural Uganda, she was not attending school because even though primary education is free, her caregivers could not afford to buy her the school uniform needed to attend classes. Additionally, she was underweight and far behind her peers in reading and writing.

Friends of TASO now supports Cathy by providing money for her to attend a boarding school in the town of Mbale. Attending a boarding school ensures that Cathy eats regular, balanced meals, has a bed to sleep in every night, and receives a quality education.

Cathy has been in boarding school for over one year now and is thriving in her new environment. She has gained wight and is excited by the opportunity to learn all that she can in school. Cathy is beginning to learn English and she enjoys visits with her caregivers during breaks from school.