Friends of TASO: Our Inspiration

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David & Martin

Names changed to protect confidentiality

David (12) and his older brother Martin (15) are orphans. When we first met them, we learned that both of their parents had died from AIDS. They were living with their grandmother in a dilapidated hut many miles from Mbale, the nearest town. The only food they had was what they grew. David and Martin were attending a nearby public school, but were often turned away and asked to go home because their uniforms were tattered and they had no shoes.

Thanks to Friends of TASO, David and Martin are now able to attend school without the fear of being turned away. Friends of TASO raised funds to provide David and Martin with new school uniforms and supplies, as well as enroll the boys in boarding school, where they are provided adequate housing and food.

Recently, we received a picture of David and Martin looking much healthier and happier than they were a year ago--wearing clean, bright school uniforms, books in hand, and surrounded by supportive TASO staff.