Friends of TASO: Our Inspiration

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Primary School Youth

Apprenticeship Youth


Nandi, 17, was selected for the program in 2012. However, she could not start training because she had to care for her ill mother who was the family's sole breadwinner and her two younger brothers who were attending school. Unfortunately, Nandi lost her mother in early 2013.

Since then, she re-enrolled at Echo-Equator Tailoring at Tirinyi, trained as an apprentice, and as a result of her good performance has been retained by the training institute to support them. She is now able to earn at least Ugx 100,000 ($41) per month. This has been used to meet some of the basic needs at home.

Nandi says, "I thank God for having brought you [TASO] to our home because I did not know that I could get a chance to be trained. Cancer had kept my mother on bed for a long time, we dropped out of school, and life was hard. So far I am hopeful we will succeed."