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Peter is the first born in a family of five from Bukasakya sub-county in Mbale district. Since he lost his father at age 17, his mother has been the sole breadwinner in the family. However, she is underemployed, and has not been able to earn enough money to send Peter and his siblings to school. Without money to pay for school, Peter dropped out of high school in 2011.

Now, with support from Friends of TASO, Peter has enrolled in trade school to become a motor vehicle mechanic. Peter is enthusiastic about learning the trade, and said, "I had always dreamt of such an opportunity but had not found one. Now, I have it. Thank you!"

Peter added, "This knowledge is useful to me in the community out there because these are some of the common challenges motorists face. The fact that I will be able to fix these and charge a fee motivates me in my studies."

Peter plans to either open up his own garage in the trading center surrounding the town, or work for another mechanic company in Mbale.

March 2014 Update: Peter has completed his mechanics training and has assumed a supervisory role at MAKAS Garage. Peter can comfortably replace shock absorbers, fix and adjust brakes, tire and tube faults, replace headlamps and batteries, and service both motorcycles and cars.

Peter is happy and has been able to teach some of the new apprentices at his institution. He is confident that when equipped, he will be able to start a new garage.

Peter has also diversified his skills by engaging brick making. To date he has made 10,000 bricks which he plans to use to build a house for his family.

"Our situation will change. We are now on course to build our own house and do away with rent stress."