Friends of TASO: Our Inspiration

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Primary School Youth

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Rahim is one of 11 children. When his family lost their father in 2003, his mother was unable to earn enough income to afford to send Rahim and his siblings to school. As such, Rahim was not able to go to school regularly, and when he reported back after missing one or more terms, it was very difficult for him to catch up on the course material he missed. Finally, in 2010, he got to the point where he could no longer handle the situation and dropped out of school. And unfortunately, since he lacked both an education and trade skills, he was unable to find a job.

In 2013, Rahim’s future became brighter when he received support from Friends of TASO to enroll in trade school to become a mechanic. He greatly appreciates the opportunity to learn the trade and to use the income he will earn to support his family’s needs.