Friends of TASO: Our Inspiration

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Friends of TASO Volunteer Spotlight

Every quarter, Friends of TASO shines the spotlight on one of our volunteers who is helping to make a positive impact on the lives of orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS through volunteer work with Friends of TASO. This quarter we recognize and are inspired by Kristen George.

Kristen is a former TASO fellow and currently serves as Secretary of the Board of Friends of TASO. In her role as Secretary, Kristen keeps a stellar record of Board decisions, takes meticulous meeting minutes, and regularly reports out to the larger Friends of TASO membership on Board activities. We're thankful for all that Kristen does.

What Kristen has to say...

I wanted to be a part of Friends of TASO because I was so deeply affected by my experiences at TASO. I have never been a part of a more well-run and impactful organization as TASO, and I was truly moved by the impact they were having in the community. All of the staff members are extremely committed and have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS in their community. It's that kind of passion that drives the organization. I could see how much good they do and knew that with increased funding, they could better the lives of orphans and vulnerable children even further. I've always believed that allowing a child access to school is a deciding factor in how their lives would turn out and I knew that providing funding for school fees was a tangible way to give back to TASO's clients.

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